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J.K Rowling is a goddess!! We love her and that's why we're giving her credit for Harry Potter even though it's really mine. Only joking! We do not have any rights to Harry Potter, we're just using the characters.

What would happen if Hogwarts was for primary education only? No sex, no booze, and no... Snape? Yeah right! Well, maybe the first two. Anyway, here at Hogwarts Elementary School, we offer the finest education for young witches and wizards ages 5 - 11, where they graduate to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

We're currently accepting applications for all canon Harry Potter characters. The Trio must be 7 years old. Just add and subtract years for everyone else. We're allowing students that probably shouldn't be there, to be there. For example, Percy Weasley is too old, but we'll allow him to be in the game as long as he's older than the trio. Minerva McGonagall is they're Headmistress (she's like Mr. Pheney in Boy Meets World, she follows them through all their school years).

This is taking place in the current year (2003 - if you don't know that, see rule #1). As if Harry was born in 1994. So you may use as many current references as you please.

You need to read the rules before you apply. Do not wait until after. We want serious players for this. We do not have time for that.

1) No sex. No booze. No swearing. Remember this is premmie!! 8 year olds and up might possibly be allowed, but we will be keeping a close eye on it. Anything beyond PG rating will be deleted. It is simply unacceptable. If you do not like this rule, then please leave now.
1a) Absolutely, positively NO SLASH!!!! We will allow dating and such, but no slash. I really don't think that Harry and Draco (example only) would be interested in kissing each other at that age. And no student/teacher relationships, PLEASE!! These kids are waay too young for that stuff!

2) Posting - We are asking you to at least post once every two weeks. This is just so we know that you're still interested in the game. If you do not follow this rule, you will receive a warning and then be kicked out of the game.
2a) If by chance that you cannot post during a particular time-frame... Please let us know! Post something OOC or e-mail the mods. But don't keep us guessing if you are going to come back or not. If you haven't posted or commented in that time-frame of two weeks or have not notified us ahead of time, you're out of the game. No joke.
2b) If you are going to post something extra long, like an extremely long diary entry or an instant message rp, please put it behind an lj cut. If you don't know how to do that, please visit this page.
2c) Thoughts on posting styles.... we don't particularly care much about how you do it, but please make sure that you distinguish between action (usually * or :: at the beginning and end of what you're doing), thoughts (in italics) and spoken words. Otherwise it just gets plain confusing.

3) Please do not ad-lib other characters unless it has been approved by the mods and/or the other character. This causes problems with other plots and characters. If you're still reading this, thank you. We would like for you to explain to us what D.A stands for in your application. I am just making sure you are reading my rules. We don't have time for you to be causing problems in this game.

4) All plots must be approved by a mod. This will help with the game. Mods can approve and disapprove plots if it does not follow with other plots. Mods can also make adjustments to plots that are needed. We can advertise for players if needed, and ad-libbing will be minimized.

5) No original characters will be accepted at the moment. We are just starting this game and don't want any Mary-Sues. We don't have time for that. If you need help finding a character, check out HP Lexicon.

6) We have an OOC journal (ooc_playround) that we use to plot and talk amoungst one another. Be sure to check that as well as the main journal.

7) You may take on a second character, if and ONLY if you have been in the game for two weeks and we are sure that you can handle a second character.

8) We encourage you to RP on LJ (comment RPing) as well as IM RPing. If you do IM RP we ask that you please post them on the OOC journal.

9) Most of all and the #1 rule: Have fun! RPing is all in fun (within guidelines of course). We create these rules so that it's fun for everyone. If you don't like this (the fact that it's PG rated), we recommend uber_hogwarts, 180_hogwarts, or guiding_wand (you must be 17 or older to join this one) who gave us our start and we love you guys for it!

10) If you have any questions about the rules or anything else, please e-mail us at premie_hogwarts@yahoo.com. We're open to everyone, not just players. You can also IM us.
HeadmistressM, xredxheadxginny <-- Robyn (HeadMod)
moranquidditch <-- Shelby (CoMod)

How to submit your application:

Subject: Character you would like to play

Name: (real name, or pseudoname, but please, no screennames. We don't want weird names like xTotalBettex coming up...)
If you have an AIM/YM/MSN s/n: (whether personal or RP, I just need one so I can get a hold of you)
Sample journal entry: (this gives us insight on your character and whether or not you know what you are doing)
Background on your character: (this tells us how you will play your character, tells us about your character, a brief history, what type of blood, they're interests, etc. A paragragh is fine.)
Role-Playing history: (I don't care whether you are experienced or not. If you are, please tell me. If not, just tell me that this is your first RPG and I'll help you. I just want to know)

*If you need for us to provide you a journal, you must wait a minimum of a week before getting final approval.

*Stick with the information that you give us in your application. Don't tell us one thing about your character in your application, then say something totally different once you've been accepted. Please tell us if you are changing something. We are usually very lenient about these kinds of things, as long as you come to us first.

*If you need any icons, we would be more than happy to make some for you. If you are providing your own icons, great! We would prefer you to pick actual people (as long as they aren't already taken). There are plenty of child actors and actresses out there that may be used. If you prefer a drawing (fanart) they by all means, use it.

Characters already taken:
There are no houses in Hogwarts Elementry. It will be just like American schools. There will only be years (like grades).

There will only be a limit of people per year. We will pick and choose the characters to be played out depending on how well the applications are. So write them as well as you can.

AIM screennames are in ()
-- icon

1st years:
none currently

2nd years:
Weasley, Virginia lil_ginny (xredxheadxginny) -- Camryn Grimes

3rd years:
none currently

4th years:
none currently

5th years:
Weasley, George prankstergeorge (FilipinaChica86) -- Bug Hall
Weasley, Fred (on hold)

6th years:
Wood, Oliver hottie_keeper (psycho deven)

Headmistress McGonagall head_mcgonagall (HeadmistressM) -- Maggie Smith
Professor Lupin - lupinwolf (starofsinistra) -- Hugh Jackman
Professor Moran - irish_chaser (moranquidditch) -- Jane Krakowski
Professor Sinistra - sinistralupin (starofsinistra) -- Nicole Kidman